People we think are Rad | Terry Ricado

About Terry
Terry is probably the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. His many skills include cultivating an incredible beard on his face, having the best tent out of everyone at Boogie festival, finding a lady-friend who is just as rad as he is, and being totally awesome at all things visual.

Who ARE you?
At the moment I’m about to become a father. Which means life as I know it will be changing dramatically quite soon. I’ll still be a medium height kid from inverloch who likes making pictures, skating and drinking lots of earl grey.

What are you?
The designer/photographer at Sneaker Freaker Magazine. Brands send us loads of shoes which we photograph in various different ways. It might be in a junkyard or using wacky props we find at a Smith Street $2 shop. It can be pretty fun and always changing. We also do lots of other sneaker related publishing jobs like brand retrospectives, zines, look books etc. I’m no collector and I know more about skate shoes from the late 90s than about Jordans. Outside of 9 to 6ish, some friends and I are also getting a Risograph print operation underway. We’re looking for a space at the moment so we should be going through stacks of envirocare soon.

Does your bike have a name?
I didn’t name it, but my first mountain bike was called the ‘night stalker’. I never assaulted anyone with it though.

Do you have a secret passion/hobby/something that most people don’t know about? Design don’t count… everyone knows you like Design. 
Climbing. Walls, bridges, trees, drainpipes whatever. If you need to get your kite out of a tree, I’m keen. I probably wouldn’t rescue a cat, I’ve never held one and don’t plan on it. Thats something else not many people know.

What would you be doing right now if you were 5 years old?
It’s raining so fighting with my brother over lego pieces.

What would your ‘best of’ album be titled?
Ham Cheese Ricardo.

What is your favourite cheese?
Really depends on the situation.

And now, lets skip ahead to the really important questions. If you had to replace both your hands with any two objects, what would they be?
Cups of cold water to throw on my face waking me up from such a nightmare.

What WAS eating Gilbert Grape?
I answered that quite well in vce but I don’t have my notes with me.

Beards or moustaches?

Bacon or beer can?
Beer can.

What song should we go and listen to?
My brothers track Peppermint tea & LSD is fun for this cloudy Friday.

Where can we see more from Terry Ricardo? is where if I’ve posting bits and pieces from my travels. The progress of our GR3750 Riso, which was made in the 90s by the way, cans be seen here

When can we see more of Terry Ricardo? 
In 3 months when there’s a little baby who from what I’ve seen looks a lot like me.

Images above are just a few examples of Terry’s amazing work. The second last is an example of his amazing car. The last is an example of Terry being amazing. Thanks for playing “people we think are rad” Tez.

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