People we think are rad | Ada Camille Hearn

About Ada…

Ada is 2.5 years old, owns the windsor end of chapel street and is Lucy’s daughter.
Her favourite colours are pink and purple.

Who ARE you?

What are you?
I’m a BIG girl.

Does your bike have a name?
No! Bike’s not my name!

Do you have a secret passion/hobby/something that most people don’t know about?
Hobby. Snow white and Meerkat.

What would you be doing right now if you were 5 years old?
ummmmm… Three!

What would your ‘best of’ album be titled?
ummmmm… Three!

What is your favourite cheese?
‘cado and cheese. (avocado)

And now, lets skip ahead to the really important questions. If you had to replace both your hands with any two objects, what would they be?

What WAS eating Gilbert Grape?
Lots of grapes! And vegemite and honey.
Honey makes my funny.

Beards or moustaches?
Daddy’s moustache.

Bacon or beer can?
I don’t like beer cans.
I don’t like beer cans.

What song should we go and listen to?
Brendan and Blondie.
I like Brendan and Blondie.
Blondie and Brendan.
And do it again.

(Brendan = Boomgates)

Where can we see more of Ada Camille Hearn?
umm… right there. (points at paper)

Thanks so much Ada!
Images by Lily, Lucy and Callum

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3 Responses to People we think are rad | Ada Camille Hearn

  1. Karen says:

    Ada is most certainly rad

  2. Janet says:

    That is just fantastic. And so true. Three IS the magic number! Amazing Ada to be so aware so young! 🙂

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