People we think are rad | Dan Benjamin

Dan (Benji) Benjamin | International Man of Mystery

A little bit about Benji …
He has a Film Degree (which very nearly could have been a Costume Design degree)
He has a Multimedia Degree (though we don’t think he’s ever actually used it)
He is the maker of some very clever short films (and once starred in one)
He’s the best mate of Dan Z (and is known to Dan Z’s mum as “Nice Dan”)
He’s a founding member of Frisbee Squad
He wins dance-offs
He has an iron stomach
He’s an all round nice guy
He used to live amongst the kangaroos, but now lives just a short bike ride away – though his housemates swear he’s never actually home … probably because he’s somewhere playing pinball

Who ARE you?

What are you?
Online Editor / King of Calypso.

Does your bike have a name?
Frank, or ‘Frankstein Super Jackpot’ for long.

Do you have a secret passion/hobby/something that most people don’t know about? Pinball don’t count… everyone knows you like pinball.
I like western movies, maybe people know that though… i dont know, sorry this quiz is hard. Sometimes I have a passion for dance…

What would you be doing right now if you were 5 years old?

What would your ‘best of’ album be titled?
Singles, and the cover would feature a photo of slezy hipsters in west hollywood bar flirting with each other. cira 1976.

What is your favourite cheese?
Point Break

And now, lets skip ahead to the really important questions. If you had to replace both your hands with any two objects, what would they be?
Sasquatch hands.

What WAS eating Gilbert Grape?
Leo’s upstaging performance.

Beards or moustaches?

Bacon or beer can?

What song should we go and listen to?

Where can we see more from Dan Benjamin?
Pfft my vimeo I guess, but i haven’t updated it in a while, sorry.

When can we see more of Dan Benjamin?
The december issue of Mens Health.

There have been many winning photos taken of Benji over the years, but we thought we should limit it to the topic at hand, so big thanks to Dan Z for braving the pinball parlours to take these striking photos for us.


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