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Eric Stonehouse | Radbike

Our friend Mr Eric Stonehouse currently lives in Canmore, a small town hidden in the Canadian Rockies. He is a world famous baby interpreter, and convinced us that some of Ada’s first words were ‘tasty’ and ‘Geoff Janz’. As you may notice from the images, Eric spends a large amount of time with bikes… riding them, breaking them and fixing them. He’s also a rather fabulous artist and just completed an exhibition with his partner in crime (and bikes) Paul K.

Who ARE you?
Sir Eric A Stonehouse, Mountain Man of Leisure!!

What are you?
Roomate to a cat called Sushi.

Does your bike have a name?
My downhill bike not yet, something mexican probably. My trail bike is called Tina.

Do you have a secret passion/hobby/something that most people don’t know about? Bikes don’t count… everyone knows you like bikes.
Bikes bikes bikes. People didn’t know i painted … that was my secret hobby!

What would you be doing right now if you were 5 years old?
Watching Mighty Mouse and eating Weeties with sugar on them.

What would your ‘best of’ album be titled?
“What took you so long” by Wolf Pack.

What is your favourite cheese?
Mersey Valley for sure … I miss that cheese.

And now, lets skip ahead to the really important questions, if you had to replace both your hands with any two objects, what would they be?
One would be an allen key set … the other margarita blender.

What WAS eating Gilbert Grape?
… I assumed grapes.

Beards or moustaches?
Beards because they also happen to contain a moustache.

Bacon or beer can?
They are both soooo good … right now … bacon

What song should we go and listen to?
Home by LCD Sound System.

Where can we see more from eric? is a good one … lots of rad there!!

When can we see more of eric?
I’m gonna say November … maybe December.

Thanks to Callum for taking lots of these photos of Eric over the years.
And to Eric’s flickr for loaning us some photos.



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