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Brianna Martin | Bleemweaver

Who ARE you?
Brianna Lee Martin.

What are you?
A nice, friendly human.

Does your bike have a name?
She didn’t! So I just christened her Liza!
Because she is lilac-coloured and I love Liza Minnelli in Cabaret.

Do you have a secret passion/hobby/something that most people don’t know about? Wool doesn’t count, I think we all know how you feel about wool!
Roller skating. When I was younger I was state and national artistic rollerskating champion! Spins, sequins and lycra leotards. My skates have sadly been hung up for a few years now, but I loved it!

What would you be doing right now if you were 5 years old?
Climbing a big tree.

What would your ‘best of’ album be titled?
SPAN – a colourful life.
My big brother gave me the nickname Span when I was little. Which comes from Brianna – Spanna – Span. And I’ve always loved colours!

What is your favourite cheese?
Haloumi! Pan fried with lemon, grated on salad. I made a sandwich today with avocado, tomato and haloumi. It was delicious!

And now, lets skip ahead to the really important question … If you had to replace both your hands with any two objects, what would they be?
Hand one would be a spork. Because I love to eat and I think of all cutlery pieces a spork would be most helpful for all food types!
Hand two would be a wand! I’m always jealous of Harry Potter & Hermione waving theirs around and doing sweet things with them. I think you would definitely have fun with a wand… and of course I’d have to learn the spells too!

Who would win a fight between a tiger and a shark?
Or a tiger and a tiger shark?

Well the tiger is obviously fairly lost, which means his head wouldn’t fully be in the fight so I’m going to go with shark.

What WAS eating Gilbert Grape?
Wasn’t it his mum who couldn’t move??

Beards or moustaches?

Bacon or beer can?
Well I don’t eat pig and sadly can’t drink beer!
But I say can because I could kick it around.

What song should we go and listen to?
Dirt off your shoulder by Jay Z.

Where can we see more from Brianna?
In Cheltenham at my studio and soon at

The images above are taken at Brianna’s current exhibition which is on at Mr Kitly Gallery until June 6, 2011.

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